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My car was impounded, what are the charges?

All impound fees are set and regulated by the city. Impound fee is $125, and an additonal $25 if we needed to use a tow dolly The storage fee is $35/day.

How are the impound fees determined?

A court case in 2013 (King vs Town of Chapel Hill) helped determine that municipalities set what proper fees the towing companies may charge for their services

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, and debit. Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover.

What are your business hours?

Ace Towing offers towing services and roadside assistance 24/7. Office and pick-up hours are located to the right. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm, and Saturday 9 am - 12 noon.

Where can I pick up my car?

Our impound lot is at 1533 South Blount Street near Downtown Raleigh. Visit our Map to get directions.

When can I pick up my car?

Monday – Friday  am – 5 pm or on Saturdays from 9 am - Noon. Call ahead if after hours and our 24/7 customer service representative will set up a time for you to pick it up.

How much are your towing and storage charges?

The storage fee is $35/day. Because of all the variables, including time of day, where you are located and what type of service you need, prices may vary. Please call us for a quote at 919-821-2121.

How long will it take your truck to reach me?

We try to reach our customers within 30-45 minutes of calling. However, during peak times such as rush hour it may take 30 minutes to an hour.

Can I have unwanted cars towed from my property?

Yes, at no charge to you.

How can I set up your towing service on our property(ies)?

Simply contact our office at 919-821-2121, and we will walk you through the process. It’s as simple as completing an agreement.

Does Ace Towing have experience with property groups, H.O.A.s, and other commerical properties?

We are one of the, if not the, largest Parking Lot towing companies in Raleigh. We have many happy customers in the area that have been using us for years.

Do I have to call you every time there is an illegally parked vehicle on my property?

No, we closely monitor the property to ensure that we only target the violations you want us to look for.