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Towing Laws

Laws Regarding Legality of Towing Prices

Ace Towing will tow vehicles only at the request of the property owner. It is against the law for us to tow vehicles without written authorization from the companies and individuals that employ us.

The founder of our company, is a retired Raleigh Police Sargeant and follows the laws as stringently as he did while he was protecting the city as a Raleigh Policeman. 

If you have parked illegally and have been towed by Ace Towing, your car has been inpounded. The fee to get your vehicle back will be $125 for the tow and an additional $25 if we need to use a Tow Dolly. There is a $35 per day storage fee as well. Those charges start at 12:01 AM the day after the vehicle is impounded.

For example, if your vehicle was towed at 3 PM, and you were able to get the vehicle prior to midnight, there will be no storage fee. If your car was towed at 3 am, then the storage fee will start at 12:01 AM the next morning. If your car was towed at 9 PM, and you retrieve it the next day, there will be a $35 storage fee.

Much has been made of what many call 'predatory towing practices'. We cannot emphasize this enough: We cannot tow vehicles without written permission from the apartment community, HOA, landowner, developer, or any of the many other companies we work for in keeping their lots free of unwanted or overparked vehicles. We are simply following the rules set out for us. In short, we do not 'predatory tow'.

As far as our pricing goes, we are only charging what is fair. A decision made is the case King vs Town of Chapel Hill (2013 you can read about it here) shows that a fee schdule can be set by the tow company regarding pricing of non-consentual tows.